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College ‘diversity council’ admits racism hoax

Posters calling for “white Americans” to report “illegal aliens” alarmed  Gustavus Adolphus College students, who flooded Bias Response lines with complaints. Who were the alt-rightists proclaiming “America is a white nation?”  It turned out to be the Minnesota college’s “Diversity Leadership Council,  reports Campus Reform.

In a statement, the Council said  it had posted the signs in hopes of  “forcing individuals to have dialogues about forms of hate and bias.”

There was some dialogue in the comments:

“Sometimes I walk around crowded theaters yelling ‘fire!’” one person commented sarcastically. “I do it because I want to create awareness; thus no punishment is warranted.”

If hate and bias are such a terrible problem on campus, why are these hate hoaxes necessary?

Most of the bomb threats to Jewish community centers were the work of an 18-year-old Jewish teen,  an American-Israeli with “health” problems. Was he trying to raise “awareness” of anti-Semitism? Israeli police say he was upset because the army found him unfit for service.

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