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'Black Lives Matter' coloring book is light on black history

Brooklyn students got schooled on radical politics during Black History Month, reports Francesca Block on Free Press. Students at P.S. 321 in Park Slope were given a coloring book, What We Believe, created by Black Lives Matter at School, that promotes the 13 tenets of the BLM movement.

A Soviet emigre parent said the language reminded her of the "songs we were made to sing as elementary school children. ‘Dismantling’ and ‘comrade’ and everything— it really reminds me of the word salad that was a part of those songs.”

A woman whose grandparents fled Communist China was "shocked" by the use of "comrade," which "comes from Communist times.”

She added that parents wouldn't have known about the coloring book, except for a snow day that forced students to learn from home.

The principle titled “Black Villages” calls for “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

The attack on the nuclear family offended Brandy Shufutinksy, director of education at the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values, who is black. “They frame it as some form of white supremacy,” she said. “There are a number of people beside myself who are deeply offended by the idea that black Americans should not strive for something that was denied to our ancestors for so long.”

One mother said her daughter’s fourth-grade teacher told her the coloring book and a quilt-making project were the only lessons planned for Black History Month.

"After the Week of Action, her daughter still had never heard of civil rights hero Rosa Parks and didn’t know what Martin Luther King Jr. had achieved to make him famous."

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Feb 26

Attack the (western) nuclear family in favor of the African village family structure. Might want to look at the technological, cultural, literary successes produced by those cultures and compare them.

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