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Best place to teach? Bentonville, Arkansas

Aidan Booker, 8, goes over her project with her teacher Amber Lichlyter at Willowbrook Elementary School in Bentonville. Photo: Anthony Reyes

Bentonville, Arkansas tops the 2017 list of Best Cities for K-12 Teachers, according to GoodCall. Teachers earn 68 percent more than the median income for the area.

Seven of the top 10 cities were suburbs of Chicago and Detroit: Teachers earned at least 60 percent more than the median, parents are educated and crime rates are low. State College, Pennsylvania, Burlington, Vermont, Boca Raton, Florida and Santa Fe, New Mexico also made the top 15.

Teachers earn the most in Alaska, at $77,843, reports Education Week, but the cost of living is high. Factoring in affordable housing, Dayton, Ohio,looks best: A teacher with the average state salary of $61,810 could afford 83 percent of available homes.

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