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Anti-merit push is alienating Asian voters

Democrats are losing Asian-American voters, writes Ruy Teixeira on Liberal Patriot.

Asians, like Hispanics, are not radicals, he writes. They don't want to remake American society "to cleanse it of intrinsic racism and white supremacy." Instead, "they are far more interested in how they and their families can get ahead in actually-existing American society."

Education is very, very important to Asian voters, "who see it as the key tool for upward mobility," writes Teixeira. "But Democrats are becoming increasingly associated with an approach to schooling that seems anti-meritocratic, oriented away from standardized tests, gifted and talented programs and test-in elite schools — all areas where Asian children have excelled."

Progressives shouldn't give up on meritocracy, writes Jay Caspian Kang in The New Yorker. If Republicans get "merit" and Democrats get "equity" . . . It won't work out well at the polls.

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