Principal in the bedroom

Hoping to get two brothers  to go to school, Principal Ernest Jackson and a school psychologist walked uninvited into a home in Chester, New York to rouse the boys, 12 and 16 years old.  Jackson faces trespass charges.

A criminal complaint alleges Chester Academy Principal Ernest Jackson entered the home without permission when the two boys didn’t come to school in late September, and actually tried to coax them out of their beds.

You don’t walk into someone’s house,” Melanie Hunter said. “I could’ve been coming out of the shower.”

The mother wasn’t home. The father, who filed a complaint, doesn’t live with the family.

The principal, now on leave, shouldn’t have walked into the house. As for the mother who can’t get her sons to wake up and go to school, you’ll be able to live with your boys for years to come.  They won’t be able to finish high school, get jobs and move out of the house.

Update:  Principal Jackson and the psychologist were reinstated after witnesses confirmed they were invited into the house by a the students’ 20-year-old cousin. “The state has now cleared Jackson and Kavenagh of misconduct and the Village of Chester police have dropped their investigation for trespassing for lack of evidence.” reports the Times Herald-Record.