From the military to college

In her years in the military, CheekyReadhead passed demanding courses on ultrasound technology, then worked on cutting-edge equipment. Hospitals were eager to hire her when she left the military. But now that she wants to earn a degree, she can’t get her military training recognized by colleges, which want her to retake classes she’s already passed. Furthermore, she can’t get an explanation of what criteria colleges are using to reject her military coursework. She writes on Team Sugar:

Colleges award degrees to anyone that can obtain a “minimal” standard while the military will only take those who excel—they choose excellence over mediocrity.

Every soldier is expected to excel in their field or they are either moved to a less technical field, reclassified or simply discharged.

. . . The civilian job market recognizes this level of achievement by simply choosing a veteran over a new grad student because they know the value of actual working experience and the dedication required to be successful in the military.

She’s campaigning for a law requiring colleges and universities to give credits for college-level military training.  I think the military is working on this for people now serving but apparently it isn’t helping veterans.