Higher ed ignores adult students’ needs

Only 15 percent of college students are recent high school graduates living on campus.  Colleges and universities must focus on the needs of adult students, who urgently need job training, but don’t need professors with PhDs teaching on the traditional academic calendar.

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LA Times hits college construction waste

Mismanagement, waste and shoddy construction plague the Los Angeles Community College District’s $5.7 billion rebuilding program, reports the LA Times.

Also on Community College Spotlight:  Facing $400 million in budget cuts, California community colleges may stop subsidizing classes for students who aren’t moving toward a degree and “activity” classes such as yoga, dancing and drawing.

Time to cut college subsidies?

Too much public money is going to subsidize higher education, argues Richard Vedder, an Ohio University economics professor and director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. Vedder sees diminishing returns as less-capable students are pushed to enroll in college.

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