I now have 100 followers on Twitter, where I’m known as JoanneLeeJacobs.  (The Australian/London Joanne Jacobs got the name first.)

So far, my experiments with social networking haven’t taught me why I’m doing social networking but, hey, I’ve got 100 followers.

I’m trying StumbleUpon too to promote blog posts.  (Click on Share This under each post.)

The big change in my life is that Google, which banned the blog for some white-on-white type that a spammer snuck on to a comment, has de-banned me.  I didn’t realize I was banned until a few months ago, but it explains why traffic dropped last summer and never recovered in September.  The number of visitors has gone up by 20 percent since I got back on Google.

And I’m back in the top 10 for both “Joanne” and “Jacobs.” Four or five years ago, I was the number one “Joanne” and the number two “Jacobs.” Those were the days.

Update: I’m up to 103 followers on Twitter.

Plus I saw that PostRank lists this blog fifth for engagement in education blogs. I think “engagement” is measured by number of comments, but I’m not sure.