For top pay, major in engineering

Why aren’t more students pursuing engineering degrees, wonders Mark Bauerlein on Brainstorm. He links to a survey on the bachelor’s degrees that earn the top 10 starting salaries: Petroleum engineering starts at $86,220, followed by six other engineering specialties, computer science and information systems.

From college to the workforce

It’s not as grim as ’09 graduates think, claims the National Association of Colleges and Employers, which  “found that the average starting salary for this year’s graduates is $49,307, down less than 1% from 2008,” reports Forbes. Accounting grads get the most job offers, while petroleum engineering majors get the highest starting salaries.

According to the NACE survey, which sounds suspiciously upbeat, average salaries dropped slightly for liberal arts and computer science graduates, but rose slightly for business majors and rose 3.7% for engineering graduates.

Some of the lowest starting salaries were listed for those holding liberal arts majors; English majors fetch an average $34,704, and sociology $33,280. The highest wages by far are awarded to graduates with engineering degrees, with petroleum engineers leading the way at $83,121, followed by chemical engineers at $64,902.

I wonder if they’re not counting the percentage of ’09 grads with no job offers at all.

It’s a mancession, writes Carpe Diem. The male unemployment rate is significantly higher than the rate for women.