Life’s a carnival

Bellringers is hosting the theme-free Education Buzz Carnival. (She was going to do a homecoming theme but was sidetracked by her school’s homecoming madness.)

At Scheiss Weekly, Mamacita writes about how to tell good parents from bad parents.

With the demise of neighborhood schools, students can’t participate in school functions these days unless a parent can drive them back to school, she writes.

A child whose parents are unable or unwilling to drive him/her to school in the evening will not be able to participate in the things that make school fun, such as choir, plays, programs, sports, band, etc. I am still sickened by the father who refused to drive his son to the ratio station’s big spelling bee playoff because he wanted to watch a ball game and, dammit, he’d worked all day and was tired.  His son had to forfeit because he had a lazy father.

Some parents can’t serve as chauffeurs. Others can’t be bothered.

Those parents who chose TV and personal relaxation over their child should be dragged out into the streets and shot, and their children given to GOOD parents.

That’s Mamacita: Firm but fair.

The Education Buzz

Mamacita is hosting The Education Buzz carnival at Scheiss Weekly.

Carnival of Education

The Carnival of Education is in full swing at Scheiss Weekly.

At Footsteps of Aristotle, Mrs. D explains how to teach kung fu grammar and punctuation.

It didn’t make the carnival, but the ‘sphere is buzzing about Mrs. Bluebird’s post on great parenting. Guidance Goddess reported that Gawky Girl had come in with her mother to sign up for summer school.

(Gawky Girl) was smart as all get out, but did absolutely no work whatsoever, and consequently managed to fail seventh grade. This from a kid who should have been on the A B honor roll if she tried.

The Guidance Goddess continued. “I know the family and know that they are on fee waivers, so they wouldn’t have to pay for summer school. So, I was reaching for the fee waiver list and mom told me to hold it right there. She wasn’t going to utilize the fee waiver. She made Gawky Girl pay for it out of her birthday money.”

“Seriously?” I asked. Accountability? Finally?

“Seriously,” Guidance Goddess answered. “Gawky Girl was not happy, but mom insisted. She said maybe she’d learn to value her education if she actually had to pay for it.”

She won’t flunk again.

Carnival of Homeschooling

Principled Discovery has organized this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling as the Field Guide to Homeschoolers. It starts: “The homeschooler, elusive and quick, is one of the most difficult creatures to study. They do not survive well in captivity, and field studies to date have focused on small, easily observable populations.”

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