How molesters get away with it

Child molesters get away with it because they’re very, very good at “grooming” children and “confusing, charming and deceiving” adults, writes Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker.

Jerry Sandusky created a “lovable goofball” persona to make showering with boys look like “Crazy Jerry and his horseplay,” writes Gladwell.

Brits ban parents from playgrounds

In Watford, England, parents can’t watch their own kids in playgrounds, unless they’ve submitted to a criminal records check. It’s all in the name of protecting children from pedophiles. Parents are guilty till proven innocent.

Mums and dads must stay outside the fence at two adventure playgrounds while “play rangers,” public employees cleared by the police, supervise the children.

Concerns were raised last night that other councils around the country are adopting similar policies amid confusion over Government rules and increasing hysteria over child protection.

Via Mark Steyn on The Corner.