Who’s a graduate?

The U.S. Education Department plans to start counting part-time and transfer students in official graduation rates, but figuring out how to do it will be difficult without tracking individual students.

Billions for college, but we don’t know grad rates

What’s the college graduation rate? Nobody knows because federal data leaves out or miscounts so many students. It’s time to track individual students’ progress, including transfers, part-timers and second-time-around students, an analyst argues.

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Don’t rush to define ‘success’

Measuring student success by speedy degree completion could hurt students who combine part-time studies with jobs and family responsibilities, two professors argue.

Should community college students borrow more and work less to improve their chances of completing a degree?

Part-timers could lose Pell aid

Part-time students would lose eligibility for Pell Grants under a bill proposed by House Republicans. 

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