Fargo 6th-graders out-invest college students

Sixth-grade stock-pickers in North Dakota outperformed college business students, reports AP.

Dave Carlson’s regular and advanced math classes at Fargo’s Oak Grove Lutheran School picked baskets of stocks through two online investment companies. The regular math students’ picks “yielded a nearly 22 percent gain and trounced all the university clubs on a return-since-creation basis.”

The students chose companies with good track records that they knew something about.

Eloise Baker said she decided to buy Under Armour, which makes sportswear and athletic gear, based mainly on the fact that Christmas and the Olympics were around the corner. Sure enough, the stock shot up. The company just last week approved a 2-for-1 split.

“That’s what I wanted for Christmas. I thought that’s what a lot of other kids wanted,” she said of Under Armour clothing. “I also found it to be a little bit cheaper than Nike, so I thought it was a good buy.”

Carlson’s Math Minions did better than business students at Berkeley, Cornell, Columbia, NYU and USC.

California plan: More $ for higher ed

California colleges and universities get more funding in Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan, but it’s not all about the benjamins. Among other changes, the state’s community colleges would be funded based on end-of term enrollment, not who’s there in the third week.

Flush with revenues from the oil-and-gas boom, North Dakota is spending more on higher education. Enrollment is down at Montana community colleges as young people take “brown jobs” in the oil fields, but some colleges are offering free tuition or special job training to compete.