Life’s a carnival

The Education Buzz Carnival has returned with “Wish Life Were A Beach,” hosted by Bellringers.

Miss Eyre writes on NYC Educator about the pros and cons of looping, teaching the same class for the second year.

Mamacita loves children’s books about kids who have adventures — not play dates organized and monitored by their mothers, TV and computer games.

Yes, bad things do happen to our children.

Some of those bad things are their lack of freedom, initiative, adventure, creativity, and self-made friends of all ages. Another bad thing is the inability of so many of them to even READ about these kids.

. . . No wonder so many of our kids are fat and stupid. Sheesh. Some of them have never breathed fresh air in their lives – they go from hermetically sealed homes to hermetically sealed schools, with the occasional jaunt to air-conditioned WalMarts and malls. I bet a lot of “allergies” are really just the body’s reaction to fresh air. It’s the lungs gasping and saying, “What IS this stuff?”

There are even DVDs playing the van “lest they have a moment to sit still, look around, notice things, and think,” Mamacita writes. She recommends Elizabeth Enright’s books.


Life’s a carnival

The Hotter-than-You-Know-Where Education Buzz Carnival is on at Bellringers.

Mamacita thinks we’re overprotecting our children.

Our kids have never organized their own games, made their own friends, walked to the neighborhood store, jumped rope, been outside after dark, put lightning bugs in a jar, or gotten dirty without a scolding.

Today’s kids get passing grades without really passing, sports trophies without really playing, and attendance awards even when they’ve missed six days for orthodontia appointments. Bullies receive more sympathy and help than their victims. Disruptive students are allowed to remain in our classrooms, destroying the learning opportunity for other kids.  (Disability or not, no child should be included IF that student presents a danger to other children, or in any way prevents other children from learning.  I’m not backing down on this one.)

New blogger ICE.Teacher has a light bulb moment while teaching drama improv: Why not use the same techniques to free students’ creativity in writing class?

Mrs. Mama Hen is hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling.

Life’s a carnival

The Education Buzz is back at Bellringers with a State of the Carnival theme.

People With Small Vocabularies Also Have Small. . . . Brains writes Mamacita, who’s angry about people “dumbing down the vocabulary in classic literature.”

The only person who has the right to change a piece of writing is the writer. Period. If you are so over-sensitive and culturally illiterate that you are offended because back in a certain period of history, people spoke and acted in a particular way, and you don’t want anybody to know about it because it hurts your feelings even though it was quite ordinary for the times, and you’re unable, due to your low brain cell count, to create a valuable lesson with such facts, you’re batshit stupid. I pity your poor children. I hope you’re not a teacher.

And if you belong to the school of thought that still thinks that “soporific” is a word that small children can’t handle and you want it removed from Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” there are no words in any thesaurus to adequately describe your ignorance.

Bring parents back into the schools, writes loonyhiker at Successful Teaching.

“Welcome to the world” is the theme of this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling, hosted by Misty at Homeschool Bytes.

Life’s a carnival

The Education Buzz is buzzing at Bellringers, which has a lunch room theme.

When Mamacita was in school, she hated group work and she still does. Too many lazy grasshoppers.

It was unfair then and it’s unfair now.  I can still remember the feeling of outrage when this would happen.  I still feel outraged.

Why should good, hardworking students have to support lazy, non-contributing students?  Why should lazy, non-contributing students get the same grade as the students who actually did the work?

I did all the work for the clouds group in the second-grade weather pageant. I think of it every time I see a buttermilk sky or mare’s tails or cumulo-nimbus clouds.