How molesters get away with it

Child molesters get away with it because they’re very, very good at “grooming” children and “confusing, charming and deceiving” adults, writes Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker.

Jerry Sandusky created a “lovable goofball” persona to make showering with boys look like “Crazy Jerry and his horseplay,” writes Gladwell.

Fatherless boys, easy prey

Perhaps the saddest testimony in Jerry Sandusky’s trial came when Victim 6, a fatherless boy like all the other victims, said he’d sent a Father’s Day message to his molester three years ago.

The Penn State coach used his charity to find boys who craved a father figure. He showered them with attention and gifts. Then he showered with them.

Victim 3 explained why he didn’t complain about the sexual abuse.

“He made me feel like I was part of something, part of a family, giving me things that I didn’t have before.”

When he was placed in a foster home, he was enraged that Sandusky never tried to contact him.

Sandusky is utterly vile. But let’s not forget the men who abandoned these boys, making them easy prey for a pedophile.