Obama: Train solar energy workers

President Obama called for training “50,000 workers to enter the solar industry by 2020” in his climate change speech last month. However, solar trainees are having trouble finding work in an unstable industry dependent on government incentives.

NC creates ‘stackable’ energy jobs credentials

North Carolina community colleges have consolidated energy-related job training, creating “stackable” credentials that let students move easily between work and advanced schooling. A worker could earn an entry-level certificate in skills needed by employers, find a job and return later for a higher-level certificate or associate degree that “stacks” on the work previously done.

Colleges rethink training for energy jobs

Many “green job” trainees have had trouble finding work, so community colleges are aligning alternative energy programs to local employers’ needs.

New York colleges are adding training programs for natural gas drillers, despite the state’s ban on “fracking.” Job seekers lined up at a job fair at a college near the Marcellus Shale belt.

Are ‘green jobs’ for real?

Are ‘green jobs’ for real? San Antonio’s Mission Verde plan envisions “green jobs” filled by “green workers” trained at community colleges and universities. But it’s not clear the jobs exist.

Green dreams meet reality

On Community College Spotlight:  Colleges are rushing to train “green workers,” but there are few green jobs now, a report warns, and high-paying jobs for low-skilled workers don’t exist. Surprise!

Also a Michigan community college limits felons’ right to enroll.