For-profit accused of job placement lies

For-profit Corinthian Colleges lied to students and investors about its job placement rate, according to a lawsuit filed by California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

U of Phoenix partners with community colleges

The University of Phoenix will roll out more than 100 new partnerships with community colleges in the coming year. The nation’s largest for-profit university will offer bachelor’s degree programs to two-year graduates, gaining students who are more likely to graduate and repay their student loans.

Under increasing regulatory scrutiny, the University of Phoenix has seen enrollment drop precipitously from a peak near 500,000 to 320,000.

College loan default rate rises

Two years after leaving college, 8.8 percent of borrowers have defaulted on their student loans, up from 7 percent. That includes 15 percent of for-profit college students.

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A new online college model

A new online two-year college is a partnership between a private university and a for-profit education company.  

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