Unsafe at any SPF

In Texas, which gets hot, a San Antonio school district won’t let students bring sunscreen on a field trip because it’s “toxic.” Also it’s a “medication” that requires a doctor’s prescription.

“We have to look at the safety of all of our students and we can’t allow children to share sunscreen,” said Aubrey Chancellor, a spokeswoman for the North East Independent School District. “They could possibly have an allergic reaction (or) they could ingest it. It’s really a dangerous situation.”

School trip shows ‘i-Combat’ to kids

New York City students visited a simulated shooting game facility on a school day, reports NBC.  Bronx High School of Visual Arts students, led by a teacher, had a chance to see a new shooting game for children called iCombat at Indoor Extreme Sports.

 iCombat outfits children like SWAT officers and lets them pretend to have shootouts in an indoor fake village . . .  The level of the realism in the game has sparked concerns in the law enforcement community and among child psychologists.

Students were members of a school club, said district officials. “A mistake was clearly made,” Chancellor Dennis Walcott told NBC.

Field trip: Rocks, flies and no cabs

Ms. Cyanococcus at Biology and Blueberries took her high school students on a field trip to a local nature outreach center.

My kids visited three different ecosystems — a forest, a meadow, and a pond — and learned about the different adaptations that animals have in order to survive in their environments.

I thought the field trip was great. My outdoors-challenged students thought otherwise. Here are some of their comments throughout the day:

“Yo, I be thirsty. Where’s the water fountain?”

“I just tripped over two rocks. If I trip over another one, I’m suing.”

“Ewwww, there’s a fly.” “Oh my god!” “That jawn tryin’ to land on me!”

“Where the frogs?” “They got ‘em at Petco.”

“Do we got an elevator or escalator comin’ up this hill?” “Can I call a cab?”

Here’s a quote for the day.

Good trip, bad trip

NY Teacher took her second and third graders from their Brooklyn school on a field trip to the Met to see the Egyptian collection. The kids loved it so much, many are “pressuring their parents to take them back . . . with the free family passes the museum gave us.”

Then the third graders were taken on a field trip to Toys ‘R Us and McDonald’s in Times Square. She asks: What was the point?

Via Gotham Schools.