Nutcracker field trip is back on

The Mouse King dances in the Joffrey Ballet’s version of The Nutcracker in Chicago

It’s a Christmas miracle! An elementary school PTA in a Boston suburb will not cancel its annual trip to see The Nutcracker.

Someone complained children would see a Christmas tree on stage, reports WHDH. Other parents complained when the PTA decided to end the optional trip.

The Nutcracker does indeed have religious content, notes Reason.

Everyone in the ballet is celebrating Christmas, a Christian holiday commemorating Christ. Same thing happens in A Christmas Carol, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas, White Christmas, Black Christmas (a slasher movie) and—heck—Handel’s Messiah.

. . . How about all those Renaissance paintings of Mary and Jesus? Should the PTA ban trips to the art museum?

“Kids can be exposed to ideas and cultures different from their own”  without feeling offended. Or they can decide not to go.

Unsafe at any SPF

In Texas, which gets hot, a San Antonio school district won’t let students bring sunscreen on a field trip because it’s “toxic.” Also it’s a “medication” that requires a doctor’s prescription.

“We have to look at the safety of all of our students and we can’t allow children to share sunscreen,” said Aubrey Chancellor, a spokeswoman for the North East Independent School District. “They could possibly have an allergic reaction (or) they could ingest it. It’s really a dangerous situation.”

School trip shows ‘i-Combat’ to kids

New York City students visited a simulated shooting game facility on a school day, reports NBC.  Bronx High School of Visual Arts students, led by a teacher, had a chance to see a new shooting game for children called iCombat at Indoor Extreme Sports.

 iCombat outfits children like SWAT officers and lets them pretend to have shootouts in an indoor fake village . . .  The level of the realism in the game has sparked concerns in the law enforcement community and among child psychologists.

Students were members of a school club, said district officials. “A mistake was clearly made,” Chancellor Dennis Walcott told NBC.

Field trip: Rocks, flies and no cabs

Ms. Cyanococcus at Biology and Blueberries took her high school students on a field trip to a local nature outreach center.

My kids visited three different ecosystems — a forest, a meadow, and a pond — and learned about the different adaptations that animals have in order to survive in their environments.

I thought the field trip was great. My outdoors-challenged students thought otherwise. Here are some of their comments throughout the day:

“Yo, I be thirsty. Where’s the water fountain?”

“I just tripped over two rocks. If I trip over another one, I’m suing.”

“Ewwww, there’s a fly.” “Oh my god!” “That jawn tryin’ to land on me!”

“Where the frogs?” “They got ’em at Petco.”

“Do we got an elevator or escalator comin’ up this hill?” “Can I call a cab?”

Here’s a quote for the day.

Good trip, bad trip

NY Teacher took her second and third graders from their Brooklyn school on a field trip to the Met to see the Egyptian collection. The kids loved it so much, many are “pressuring their parents to take them back . . . with the free family passes the museum gave us.”

Then the third graders were taken on a field trip to Toys ‘R Us and McDonald’s in Times Square. She asks: What was the point?

Via Gotham Schools.