Dreamed and done

The picture that proves Felix Baumgartner always dreamed of reaching for the skies


Austrian Felix Baumgartner, 43, who became “the first man to break the sound barrier unaided after jumping from a capsule 24 miles up,” drew a picture of the dream when he was five years old.

The stick man drawing depicts him drifting down to earth under a parachute, with a beaming sun up above and what looks like his family waiting for him with food and drinks below.

In his comment on his five-year old drawing, Felix also wrote: “I had a dream…and this was it!!!”

Writing on his Facebook page, Felix said: “I drew this picture and gave it to my mum. When I did my first skydive on 23rd of August 1986 my mum handed it back to me and there it is. It is kinda interesting where your thought and vision is gonna take you, if you are focused and not let loose – no matter how hard it is!!!”

When Baumgartner landed — near Roswell, New Mexido! — his mother and father were there to greet him.