Teacher of Year nominee laid off

Nominated for New Hampshire’s Teacher of the Year, Hampton Academy teacher Christina Hamilton received a layoff notice — by cell phone — the same week.  Kevin Fleming, grievance chairman of the teachers union, tells the Portsmouth Herald, “Even though she is recognized as a candidate for Teacher of the Year, they have to go on seniority.” Hampton has taught eighth-grade social studies.

Via EIA Online.

No sodas for teachers

San Francisco’s school board may take soda machines from teacher break rooms, to force teachers to set a good example for students. Students lost soda and candy machines in 2003.

“I know of one school, and I won’t name names, where there is a soda machine in the principal’s office,” (trustee Jill) Wynns said, adding that it sets a bad example if teachers are telling kids not to buy caffeine-laden drinks but sipping one themselves.

What’s next? Rip out the coffee machine?

EIA Online thinks teachers are making too much of this, but I think they should tell the board to buzz off.  Teachers are adults.  If they want to drink soda (possibly sugar-free and uncaffeinated) on their breaks — or lunch on coffee and chocolate-chip cookies — it’s their own damn business.