With 25 minutes and a whiteboard …

Gregory Euclide whiteboard artwork

© Gregory Euclide


Teacher Gregory Euclide started drawing on his whiteboard to relieve stress during his 25-minute lunch break at a Minneapolis-area high school.

Euclide’s paintings are made from things lying around the classroom, such as whiteboard erasers, paper towels, brushes, spray bottles and Japanese Sumi ink, which is made from soot, water and glue.

Students were distressed when he wiped out the artwork, so he decided to release a series called “Laid Down & Wiped Away” chronicling his classroom whiteboard experiments. Here’s Euclide’s Flat Works 2012.

Life without math

If a car is going 80 miles per hour, how long will it take to drive 80 miles? It’s not obvious to the woman in the video, even after her husband — possibly now her ex-husband — asks her to think about “miles per hour.”

This is Why Tracking Needs To Be Brought Back to Math Classes, writes Lynne Diligent, who overcame math anxiety as an adult. Some students need concrete explanations of things that are obvious to others.  Diligent also writes about how teaching math is like teaching drawing skills. Students need to learn how to see in a new way.