Less dangerous but still ‘on the edge’

One of  Philadelphia’s most dangerous schools for six years, Strawberry Mansion High School escaped closure and made it off the “persistently dangerous” list, reports ABC News. But the school — with less than 500 students — remains “close to the edge.” Budget cuts have meant fewer guards and police — and fewer teachers.

Students overboard

Photo: Here in Philly the district is closing nearly 30 schools, sending some kids to other dangerous schools to save $$$.  Meanwhile a few miles away it's laptops for every kid.  This could work for other cities' schools, too.

Philadelphia is closing nearly 30 schools, sending some students to dangerous schools to save money, writes cartoonist Signe Wilkinson. “Meanwhile a few miles away it’s laptops for every kid.”

Unsafe for learning

I’ve got a column up at Pajamas Media on bringing order and safety to chaotic, dangerous schools.

Pacific Research’s Not As Safe As You Think finds it’s very easy to avoid reporting any school as “persistently dangerous.”  The legal requirement is useless.