City College of SF faces closure threat

Plagued with weak leadership and budget deficits, City College of San Francisco could lose accreditation and close within a year, stranding 90,000 students.

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Immigrants seek education, but hit wait lists

Second-generation Hispanic women are leading a surge in college enrollment, but graduation rates remain low for Hispanics from immigrant families.

Few immigrants succeed without learning English, but many are on wait lists to get classes, writes Gail Mellow, president of LaGuardia Community College.

New York City’s community colleges will work with museums to teach immigrants English through art.

Where the jobs (and pay) will be

Where will the jobs (and middle-class wages) will be in the next few years for people without four-year college degrees? Retiring baby boomers will open up manufacturing jobs for male high school graduates. Women will need a certificate or associate degree — preferably in a health-care field — to have a shot at earning at least $35,000 a year.

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Student loan forgiveness helps the privileged

Occupy Wall Streeters want forgiveness for college loans. That would help the privileged at the expense of average taxpayers, say economists.

Also on Community College Spotlight: Low-income college students are borrowing to pay living expenses and “maximizing their debt,” say Michigan college officials. That’s a high-risk strategy for high-risk students.

From Peoria to China

Globalization has come to Peoria:  International business majors at the local community college can study and intern in China to prepare for jobs in local industries, such as Caterpillar.

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