Merry Christmas

I’m taking the day off to celebrate with family.  Well, not all the family. My mother, who made a near-miraculous recovery after her horrible fall last December, was supposed to join us for a week. She fell again last week  – it’s our Christmas tradition! — and had to stay home. My niece stayed with her and my sister drove down.  The rest of us are flying or driving down to see her tomorrow. (My nephew has to work, but that’s a near-miracle too.) I’ve decided to embrace the stress.

Anyhow, thank you for reading the blog, commenting and being part of the community of people who care about education and family issues. Happy holidays to all.

Carnival of ho, ho, Homeschooling

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Merry Christmas to all

Christmas is about family. My daughter’s here from New York City. My sister, her husband and my nephew (unemployed college graduate) live nearby. My brother, his wife and their three kids are visiting from Portland.

But my mother’s not here. A few weeks ago, she fell and hit her head. She’s now in a nursing/rehab facility trying to regain her mental abilities.  At first, the doctors said her confusion was a result of the head injury and predicted she’d recover. Then she got worse.

Three weeks ago, my mother was doing the New York Times crossword puzzle every day. Now she is very confused and disoriented. She starts sentences and can’t finish. Her memory — short-term and long-term — is very poor. She can recognize family members, though.

My sister was there for the first week after the accident. My daughter and I flew down last weekend. My niece and her boyfriend, who live in LA, are spending the holiday weekend with her. Then my brother and his family will drive down to see her. I’m flying down for a second visit in two weeks, when we hope she’ll be going home with a live-in caregiver.

I’m so grateful for being in a family that pulls together in times of trouble as well as cheer.



Life’s a carnival

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10. Steve Spangler (just because he blows up things) 
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Elementary students and adults in Quinhagak, Alaska “perform” the Hallelujah Chorus.

Life’s a carnival

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A right to say ‘Christmas’ and ‘Jesus’

Pencils stating “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” were confiscated from goodie bags distributed by an elementary student at a school holiday party in Plano, Texas. Another student was told not to give out pencils saying “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so” at her classroom birthday party.  Students were prohibited from saying “Christmas” at school and could not write “Merry Christmas” on holiday cards sent to retirement homes, a parent charges.

Elementary students have free-speech rights, as long as they’re not disrupting class, ruled a federal appeals court.

The lawsuit will now proceed in district court, and the families will have to prove they suffered religious-viewpoint discrimination to ultimately win the suit.

Here’s more on the suit from School Law Blog.

Merry Christmas

And Happy Hanukkah, Swinging Solstice, Krazy Kwanzaa, Festive Festivus, etc.