Life’s a carnival

Bellringers is hosting the Hotter than a Habanero edition of the Education Buzz carnival.

Old Andrew writes about smart phone addiction in The Insanity of Allowing Phones In Class.

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Life’s a carnival

Bellringers has posted the Education Buzz carnival — and met the yearbook deadlines!

Steve Spangler showed off fun science on the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday. “In past appearances, he has made giant Elephant’s Toothpaste, blown hundreds of ping pong balls across the stage, walked across a pool of corn starch, laid Ellen across a bed of nails and shot smoke rings across the studio.”

 If I Had a Million Dollars is the theme of this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling, hosted by Forever, For Always, No Matter What.

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Life’s a carnival

Bellringers is hosting the Meet the Teacher edition of the Education Buzz Carnival.

Darren wonders if official collaboration time is overdone.

Mister Teacher could use help with the new math curriculum, which chews up most of his class time trying to get reluctant third graders to perform High Level Tasks.

Notes from a Homeschooling Mom is hosting this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling.

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Life’s a carnival

Bellringers is hosting the I’m-Sorry-I-Forgot-To-Post Education Buzz Carnival. (Points for honesty.)

Mediocrity rules: Students are moving to the middle, writes Education Closet.

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Come to a new carnival

Kim’s Play Place is starting a new carnival, the Academy of Science and Technology.  Kim writes:

The carnival is geared toward kids and science and technology; parents working on at-home projects with kids, teachers teaching in the classroom, or homeschoolers teaching at home. I am hoping to include posts on hands-on projects and experiments. Any teaching techniques, tips, and philosophy would be welcomed.

The carnival will publish on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Submit here by  8pm EST on Sunday, March 8 for the first edition on Monday, March 9.

Carnival of Education

The Carnival of Education is in full swing at Right Wing Nation’s place.

Ms. Teacher sounds off on merit pay, which is backed by the incoming president and his Education secretary.

. . . we need to demand a place at the table and demand that those in leadership positions in the NEA and AFT speak to us in the trenches about what we think merit pay ought to look like. To do otherwise is simply put, stupid.

Rita Phillips has tips on preparing students to take tests — and have fun doing it.