A compromise on student loans

A compromise on student loan rules for career colleges is pleasing nobody.  For-profit colleges complain “gainful employment” rules unfairly restrict access to federal loans, while the industry’s critics say the rule has been watered down in response to heavy lobbying. Only 35 percent of borrowers need to repay loans to keep a career college eligible for more aid. That doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Career colleges sue to block regulations

On Community College Spotlight: Career colleges sue to block regulations — but not the “gainful employment” rule.

Also: New York’s regulatory agency for career colleges is “in chaos,” and no longer even tries to go after unlicensed programs.

Does college pay?

Does college pay? Employers pay more for workers with college credentials, writes Anthony Carnevale of Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce. Those sociology graduates working as bartenders and cashiers will move on to better jobs.

Overall, career colleges and professional training programs are booming, while liberal arts programs shrink.

Also on Community College Spotlight:   Two-year colleges will get $2 billion over four years to train “dislocated” workers.