OMG! Can the apostrophe survive?

The Apostrophe Protection Society is battling Kill the Apostrophe, reports Joe Pinsker in Punctuated Equilibrium.

With texting on the rise, autocorrect may be the only hope for the embattled punctuation mark.

Word crimes

Weird Al Yankovic has released Word Crimes. (It’s a parody of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, which I know only because I looked it up.)

Smart phone, stupid choices

“Gunna be at West Hall,” a Lanier Technical College texted, trying to tell a friend he was going to West Hall High School in Hall County, Georgia. But the smart phone’s auto-correct feature changed the message to “Gunman to be at West Hall.”

Then the student misdialed, sending the message to a stranger. That person called 911. The college and the high school were locked down for two hours till police determined the texter was armed only with his phone.