I never expected

Looking back at his start in teaching, the Reflective Educator writes:  I Never Expected.

I never expected that teaching in many schools means waging two very difficult battles: one against student apathy, behavioral problems, and knowledge/skills gaps; and the other against incompetent/misguided administrators/policies. . . .

I never expected that excellent teaching involved much more than owning a dynamic personality. I used to think that excellent classroom management, creativity, and lots of energy were the sole essential ingredients to great teaching. I was very wrong. More on that here and here.

I never expected that a school, of all places, could create an Orwellian atmosphere. . . . More on that in these posts documenting a typical day on my job in DC, and also here.

I never expected that I could work with so many dedicated people. And I never expected working with a population of all English language learners would teach me so much about the world, myself, and excellent teaching.

One thing I did expect: I would love teaching. And I do. I love this job. I love this job. I love this job.

There’s more on An Urban Teacher’s Education, which I’ve added to the blogroll.