Sex ed in Montana

Sex education in kindergarten? Some Helena, Montana parents are opposing a K-12 health curriculum are upset about a proposed sex education curriculum.

The proposed curriculum (pdf) calls for teaching words for body parts, such as penis, vagina, nipples and testicles, to kindergartners. First graders would learn to “understand human beings can love people of the same gender and people of another gender.” Fifth-graders would learn that sexual intercourse “includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration,” reports CNN.

Forget Sex Ed, Teach Math and Science, writes Scott Gulbransen on Technorati Politics.

Parents have the responsibility to teach younger kids age-appropriate information about the birds and the bees. When Johnny can’t read why does he need to learn about anal sex?

Public education in the United States needs to focus its attention on teaching the kids the fundamentals they need to succeed in a changing world. They need to learn computer science, physics, biology, English and geography.

Leave parenting to the parents.

Gulbransen left out reading. Teach ’em to read and they can read dirty books to find out about different methods of penetration.