College helps students plan, succeed

Helping students set academic and career goals and make a plan is raising success rates at a Florida community college. Hiring more tutors and counselors helps too.

When students are struggling, community college instructors send “early alerts” to coaches who will offer help before the semester is doomed.

Fewer dropouts, more degrees

Washington’s Walla Walla Community College is using personalized advising and software tools to keep students on the path to a vocational certificate or degree.

The answers are online

Community colleges are using technology to provide information and advice to students. It’s a lot cheaper than hiring counselors.

Advising doubles college grad rate

Providing structure, counseling and financial aid more doubled the graduation rate for New York City community college students.

Many choices, little guidance

Community college students have many choices and little guidance in setting academic or career goals, concludes a new study. Many are overwhelmed.

At an Oakland community college where only 20 percent of students transfer to pursue a bachelor’s degree, a professor’s transfer club is raising the odds. The club’s mascot is an animated Spanglish-speaking Chihuahua that says, “Yo quiero transfer.”

Online advising offers 24/7 help

Online advising offers 24/7 help for those who can do without a human touch.

California is tackling a huge remediation challenge at the community colleges and the second-tier California State University system.

More California Latinos are college grads

More California Latinos are earning college degrees, but the college gap remains wide.

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High school was too easy, college was too hard

Young Texans talk about the barriers to college completion:  not enough math or writing in high school, weak study skills and self-discipline and poor advice on college planning.

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Advising: sherpas, gurus, nags

On Community College SpotlightWhat advising style works best:  Sherpas, gurus or nags?

Also, colleges try automated early alerts to warn students they’re at risk of failing a class.