Teaching in 3 languages — but not well

A Los Angeles charter school with low test scores will stay open, reports the LA Times. Academia Semillas del Pueblo has friends on the school board who overruled a closure recommendation by administrators.

The school teaches in English, Spanish and Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Mexico, notes the Times. The co-founders are “dedicated to teaching culture that stretches back to before colonial Mexico.” An International Baccalaureate program has been added.

But students test poorly compared to similar students in other schools, including those taught in languages other than English.

Perhaps los ninos need more time on reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic and English and less time on Nahuatl and pre-colonial Mexico.

Co-founder Marcos Aguilar came to the school board meeting dressed as an Aztec warrior, reports the LA Weekly. A police officer made him unclip his ankle rattles and leave his “ceremonial staff, a hatchet-sized stick with an eagle’s head” at the door. But he won another five years anyhow.