I’ve freelanced commentaries and stories for Education NextU.S. News & World Report, All Things Considered, the Christian Science Monitor, Education Week, the New York Times, the Philadelphia Daily News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, TCS Daily, Philanthropy Magazine, Reason Magazine, Stanford Magazine and Stanford Business Magazine.

I’ve also written on the development of state academic standards for the Fordham Foundation, on special education in charter schools for the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education, on rigor for the Hechinger Institute at Teachers’ College at Columbia University, on bilingual education for the Lexington Institute and on citizenship education for AEI.

Here are some links:

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Understanding and Reporting on Academic Rigor, Hechinger Institute, June 2009

Hopes, Fears and Reality: A Balanced Look at American Charter Schools in 2008, Center on Reinventing Public Education at University of Washington, December 2008

The Best of Students, the Worst of Students, Education Week, Sept. 5, 2008

The Education of Jaime Capellan, Lexington Institute, June 17, 2008

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The Internet Offers Teachers Online Help with Lesson Plans, Christian Science Monitor, April 24, 2004

A Tutor’s Victory: A ‘Helpless Doll’ Comes Alive, Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 24, 2004

‘F No Es Fabuloso’? Beating the Scholastic Odds, TCS Daily, Dec. 6, 2005

Threatened by Success: A Charter School’s Fight Against the Education Establishment and Watching the Numbers, Reason Magazine, February 2002

Secrets of the French Underground, San Diego Union-Tribune, May 26, 2002