School cops want semi-automatic weapons

A man holds a Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle- similiar to what police will be armed with in Compton  Photo: Getty

A man holds a Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Photo: Getty

School police will be armed with semi-automatic weapons in the gang-ridden Los Angeles suburb of Compton.

Officers say they need AR-15 assault weapons to prevent a massacre. Some recent school shooters have used rifles with high capacity magazines and worn body armor.

William Wu, Compton police chief, told the school board that rifles are more accurate than handguns and could “save lives.”

Some students and parents “expressed concern” over the militarization of the campus police force, reports the Telegraph.

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  1. Mark Roulo says:

    The pistols that they carry are almost certainly semi-automatic.
    What they want are *rifles* that fire rifle cartridges/bullets because those have more penetrating power than pistols and are more accurate at long(er) range.
    The desired upgrade here is the rifle bit, not the semi-automatic bit.

  2. Michael E. Lopez says:

    You might think that if there are “school police” that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong with your society.

  3. In the 50s-60s, I grew up in a small town (near a small city) that had no police whatsoever. Two state troopers, one a fire marshal, lived in town and were called on the rare occasions when something happened – usually on the scale of making a mess on the main street on Halloween or vandalizing rural mailboxes with a baseball bat. My family called once, when our dog discovered that someone had been jacking deer in the woods beyond our house and had left most of the carcass behind. We’ve lost a lot since then.

  4. Doesn’t compute. Gang-ridden and school massacres don’t go together. If the school was white boy teenager ridden, then maybe.

  5. When I was a kid we didn’t even lock our doors when we were out. Now suburban schools make Alcatraz look like a Tea House Restaurant on a Sunday afternoon.

  6. Richard Aubrey says:

    I take a back seat to no one on the difficulty of hitting things with pistols. We told trainees in the Army that if you didn’t think you could hit the guy with a rock, you probably can’t hit him with a pistol round.
    Getting good with a pistol takes a lot more practice than getting reasonably competent with a rifle. And you know these guys won’t have the ammo budget to get good with a pistol or a rifle.
    That said, with the ranges–down the school hall or across the gym–one’s as good as another and rifles are awkward fighting inside buildings. They aren’t going to be fighting off a besieging gang.
    This is useless.

  7. Interesting. One supposes they will get the ARs in 5.56mm caliber. Perhaps they’ll get some surplus ammo. Odd though, the 5.56 ammo is specifically designed to fragment and tumble in the body to make a larger wound. On the upside, because it fragments and tumbles, it doesn’t penetrate to many additional surfaces thus keeping shot from going through a couple sheet rock walls to drop a kid killing his math quiz.

    Please tell us they are going to get the cool matching black ninja outfits.

  8. Richard Aubrey says:

    You mean the ones that say, “Shoot this guy first.”?