Feds will fund adult ed, job training mix

The new workforce bill will make it easier for community colleges to teach basic skills and job skills at the same time. Federal rules have required high school dropouts to catch up academically before starting job training.

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  1. Such job training programs have an extensive record of failure.

    • Teaching academics first and then job skills usually fails. Many adults who’ve failed in school will fail in an an adult ed classroom. Teaching basic skills with work skills is much more effective. Adults are motivated by the prospect of getting a job and will learn reading/math skills in that context.

  2. My son, who was 2 credits short of graduating this past spring and is now a “drop-out” is exploring this type of program at a local community college. The program consists of three classes each term – one GED prep class and two skill specific classes (he is looking at the automotive technician certificate). I can tell you that had he been required to take only GED prep classes, and pass his GED test, he’d not be looking at this program at all. It’s the dangling carrot (if you will) of being able to do what he WANTS to do that is getting him through the part that he really has no interest in.