Dictionary.com insults homeschoolers

Dictionary.com has apologized for example sentences in the “homeschool” entry, such as, “If you want to keep your kids from reality and turn them into mindless automaton copies of yourself, homeschool them” and “If you wish to teach your children such nonsense, then homeschool where lame propaganda can remain unchallenged.”

Screenshot of Dictionary.com entry for "homeschool"

The offensive sentences have been removed.

“We value the homeschooling community and education in all forms,” Dictionary.com told WND in an e-mail.

Our 1,605,969 example sentences have been pulled programmatically from reputable publications online over the course of the last ten years, and our lexicographers are constantly reviewing them to ensure that our site is a reference source of the highest quality.

Urban Dictionary also is down on homeschoolers, reports WND. Its definitions of pop culture terms are written by volunteers, who don’t pretend to be objective.

Screenshot for UrbanDictionary.com entry for "homeschooler"

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  1. Whoever wrote these sentences are stellar examples of “tolerant” individuals – anyone and anything outside their narrow experience is automatically suspect.

  2. Nels Nelson says:

    They aren’t even very well-written sentences.