Anti-vaxxers attack student documentary

Our society is “under-vaccinated,” argues Invisible Threat, a film made by broadcasting students at Carlsbad High near San Diego. It was completed more than a year ago, but anti-vaccine activists raised such a furor that few have seen the film, reports the Los Angeles Times. 

The high school’s PTA canceled an on-campus screening in May, fearing a protest.

Some of the students initially believed vaccines and autism were linked, they told the LA Times. As they researched the issue, they changed their minds.  “It was all social controversy. There was no science controversy,” said Allison DeGour, who will be a senior this fall.

Here’s a free trailer:

California’s whooping cough epidemic is escalating.

Affluent parents are the most likely to put their children — and others — at risk by avoiding vaccination. Latinos have high vaccination rates and less whooping cough, apparently because they tend to trust doctors’ advice.

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  1. In addition to the scare-mongering about autism, there are significant medical issues avoided by vaccination. Because vaccines have reduced the incidence of the UCHD (usual childhood diseases) so far, many people – probably including a number of younger physicians and other medical personnel – are unaware of their potential significant-to-serious side effects and sequelae from these diseases, which vaccines have made rare. One of my first-grade classmates was left with a serious seizure disorder after measles encephalitis; to the point that it was not until HS that her grand mal seizures were mostly controlled, and she still had regular petit mal seizures. Several married women in town either experienced miscarriages after mumps exposure or had babies with birth defects from rubella and I knew a couple of boys who had mumps orchitis (testicular inflammation which can lead to infertility). Two of my cousin’s kids had chicken pox as mid-teenagers and were so sick that they both spent a week in Childrens’ Hospital.

    Because some people cannot be vaccinated, for various medical reasons (allergies, compromised immune system, their age etc) and because some people do not make antibodies (become immune) even after vaccination, safety depends on herd immunity – where at least 85% of people are immune, so outbreaks don’t explode. Of course, there have been recent outbreaks of various UCHD, in areas where too few people vaccinate and in/or areas where people have brought the disease back from overseas areas where vaccination is uncommon

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    “Affluent ” Nope. They are superior people who shop at Whole Foods and generally sign their superiority over the rest of us by doing the opposite. You have to be really smart to know better than the medical establishment. So this means they’re really smart.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      The thing is Richard, the medical establishment does get a lot of things wrong – just not this topic – vaccinations they have right. They’re certainly wrong about diet, nutrition, and cholesterol. I would like to say ‘follow the science’ but, unfortunately, a great deal of science has been of low quality and politicized. I fault the ‘establishment’ for using an incredibly low measure for what science has turned into. I fault them for grant chasing and careerism. They lack accountability and integrity and are the authors of this irrational insanity.

  3. Its sad how little evidence is used or avaliable on vaccine safety. Why does VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) and the NVICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) exist? We’re they set up as a conspiracy by anti-vaxxer boogeymen? No they were set up by government health agencies and by vaccine makers. The NVICP was set up to protect an industry that was being litigated out of business because of the carnage caused by their faulty, fraudulent vaccines. Now they can market them without fear of litigation, a scary prospect at best.

  4. Here is a thought, lets get rid of all vaccines, starting Jan 1, 2015.

    You’ll see diseases and outbreaks like you couldn’t POSSIBLY imagine, and you’ll wind up seeing a boatload of kids and adults die from something which shouldn’t have to happen.

    While vaccine reaction is rare, it does happen (read this as: nothing in life is safe, period). I’ve seen what polio has done to some kids, and adults who suffered with it as kids, and now have to deal with it again as their immune systems aren’t as strong as they used to be, due to old age, or chronic medical conditions.

    I’ve found little evidence that the medical establishment is wrong on diet or nutrition, with the exception that the general public just doesn’t want to listen to it, most people want the ‘QUICK FIX’ for weight loss, etc. There is NO quick fix to weight loss or nutrition, with the exception of changing the way you eat on a daily basis, and getting moderate exercise 5 days a week, or for kids, an hour a day.

    Here is a scary thought, by the year 2020, it’s now estimated that 3 of every 4 persons in the US will be overweight or obese (think of the health care dollars that’s gonna cost the private sector or the U.S. Taxpayer)?

  5. Richard Aubrey says:

    Bill. There are many, many people in great shape, not at all overweight, now in the tables for obese or overweight.
    Said it before, I was 6’2′, 205 when I got out of OCS. Underfed, hugely overworked, could run all day, carry heavy loads in the hot sun…you get the pic. Overweight in the current tables. IMO, it’s designed to justify another government intrusion by making sure there are alarming numbers. Always need alarming numbers about something or other.
    Note that the study shows “affluent” people. Likely the kind who are going on about artisinal olive oil and what not. They’re better than us and don’t think for an instant that this isn’t part of their decision.

    • This is the reason why percentage of body fat, rather than actual weight should be used as the determining factor if someone is overwight, underweight, normal, obese, or morbidly obese.

      Using a scale which shoots a tiny electrical current through my body, I come out at approximately 16.1% body fat, which is good to excellent in my age group (50+), now you look at the top professional bodybuilders, they might top the scale at 280 pounds, and are between 3-6 percent body fat, but according to the charts and BMI (more idiocy), they’d be overweight or obese.

      Perhaps the government to go back to doing those things they actually know how to do (what are those things again)? 😛

      • Stacy in NJ says:

        Your percent of body fat is meaningless without knowing first your fasting blood glucose level and triglycerides.

        Even trim people end up on statins and Metformin. See Tom Hanks.

  6. PhillipMarlowe says:

    Maybe Jenny McCarthy will take a second from her frothing on The View to attack the teachers of these kids.