White = racism?

PC Insanity: Student Suspended for Wearing 'RACIST' School Colors!

Juniors at Iowa’s Marshalltown High were told to wear white for school spirit week. (Other classes were assigned other colors.)  Athlete Blair Van Staalduine posted photos of himself wearing white, including one in which he makes  a “W” with his hands. The principal accused him of advocating white pride and suspended him from three football games in the fall, reports WHO TV.

The principal said her son was a racist, said his mother, Cathy Van Staalduine. When she complained, he accused her of being a racist too, she claims.

If juniors had been told to wear orange, he would have worn orange and made an “O,” Blair told his mother.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Sounds as if the principalis cruising for lawsuit.
    Thing is, nobody, not even pub school admins,, which is saying a lot, is dumb enough to actually believe this nonsense. That’s WRT the kid. To call the mom a racist means the principal is viciously mean-spirited or certifiable.

  2. Well, the principal was correct in one point. This faith and pride in the school and respect for school officials does seem to come from the home. Hopefully, this kid and the others in the school, learn from this experience, that school is a prison, do your time, survive, don’t believe the guards. Bonus, this lesson will be taught for three weeks coming this fall.

    I know behavior far less egregious by faculty when I was in high school went a long way in opening my and my friends’ eyes.

  3. The loony left seems to be spiraling into total madness.

  4. cranberry says:

    The principal’s name is Aiddy Phomvisay. He seems to have spent the last months attending conferences. He’s got a Twitter feed full of enthusiastic comments about his marketing efforts.

    He possesses, however, no common sense.

    The high school’s web page has a statement which reads: “Participation in extra-curricular programs at Marshalltown High School is a privilege and, as such, carries certain expectations beyond those found in the normal classroom. Participants in extra-curricular activities occupy leadership positions, represent the school and community and depict its character, all of which brings additional expectations and responsibilities as outlined in the student Code of Conduct.

    MHS and Marshalltown Community School District are committed to a culture of respect. We will not tolerate comments, images, or actions that in any way disparage other members of our Bobcat community. It is important for all students, but especially students in leadership roles, to understand the impact of their words and actions. Whether intentionally hurtful or simply misguided, the use of inappropriate or racially sensitive comments or images hurts all Bobcats.

    We will continue to work together to build a strong, positive culture at MHS so that students, staff and our community know that these kind of comments have no place in our halls, in our classrooms, in our clubs or on our teams.”

    THE PARENTS SHOULD SUE FOR DISCRIMINATION. If the school assigned juniors the color white, then the young man’s actions are not hate speech. This principal has bullied this student on the basis of his school-assigned actions.

    • It is pretty misguided judgement on the part of the school to pressure students to segregate by wearing special colors to designate their grade then be surprised when these groups seek to show pride and inclusion in their group and exclusion of others.

      Now, perhaps it was all in good fun. In such a case, a school official with a modicum of critical thought and comprehension of human behavior would have seen that the force wearing of colors associated racial groups had a foreseeable bad outcome. They should have excluded, white, black, red, yellow, brown, ?? as colors to induce students to outfit themselves for this exercise in separatism and group identity in as they are associated with racial groups. Probably want to avoid “rainbow” as a color scheme as well. Really, I can’t see how promoting uniforms that signify rank in the stratified hierarchy of high school doesn’t hurt diversity instruction and promote privilege. FAIL.

      • My daughter’s high school also assigned colors to each class during spirit week. (Green, orange . . . not white or black.) Each class competed to build the best homecoming float, perform the best spirit dance, etc. It was fun. And it bonded students based on their class rather than their racial or ethnic subgroup.

        • But I thought school was to break down barriers not promote classism? Sure the exercise brought the students in the group together but were their incidents between groups? Was one group victimized in some small way.

          I was thinking of the Third Way experiment when I wrote my comment http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news_features/centennial/1960SC.php

          It doesn’t take much to induce teenagers into authoritarianism.

  5. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Here’s what I think, having not actually had a chance to see a picture of this alleged picture:

    1) The kid probably made a hand signal that really is used by white supremacists to signify “White Power” or some other racist crap.

    2) The kid probably *knew* it was a racist hand signal — and indeed, that was likely the point of his picture; BUT

    3) The kid probably didn’t *intend* it to be a racist hand signal, but was rather co-opting the signal to celebrate “White Power” as in “Junior Power”.

    4) The kid and his friends probably thought this was hilarious, and frankly I think it’s kinda funny.

    5) The post-hoc defense of “he would have made an ‘o’ symbol” is almost certainly bullshit; there would be nothing funny or interesting about an “o” symbol. I could see this same kid maybe making a “black power” joke — complete with some rasta wig — if his class had been assigned black, however. Because that would have been funny, albeit perhaps even more inappropriate.

    6) The kid may or may not be a racist, but nothing in this story demonstrates anything other than a likely passing familiarity with some hand signals and an adolescent sense of humor.

    7) The mom may or may not be a racist, but the Principal should know better than to say stupid things like that unless he’s got iron-clad proof and it’s somehow relevant to what’s going on, which it isn’t.

    8) Being a racist isn’t something for which we should be punishing people; we should only bring down the hammer on actual acts of racism — one of which this act *DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE*.

    9) I continue to maintain, all practice and developing law seemingly to the contrary, that schools have no business regulating students’ activities off the campus, and that the fig leaf of only taking away extracurricular activities because those are somehow “optional” is crap, given how important extracurricular activities are to the college admissions process, and how strongly most high schools push themselves as institutions whose mission is to get their students into college.

    • One of the reporters who covered this checked out “white power” web sites and found no “W” hand signs. Perhaps it requires too much literacy. There were lots of fists and Nazi “heil” salutes but no “W” signs.

      • Michael E. Lopez says:

        I’d have to see it… but the Aryan Brotherhood uses a “1-2” handsign that looks an awful lot like a W.

  6. This principal should get a lobotomy, but then again, it might improve his mental abilities afterwards 🙂

  7. SuperSub says:

    Racism is normal. So is sexism, ageism, xenophobia, classism, and every other taboo for the left. It’s biology, plain and simple.