Those old Greek Myth posters

A quick bleg for those of you who might be able to help me.

Back in the 1980’s (and early 1990’s) there was a series of posters covering Greek Myths. I know, because I saw them in both fifth grade (1984-85) and in either 10th or 11th grade (1990-1991), in two separate California school districts. They were pretty extensive, with posters for Europa and Bellerophon as well as the usual suspects (Appolo, Hermes, etc.). I’m pretty sure they were part of an educational unit, and I seem to recall that they came with pages for students to color in.

The posters themselves were in a sort of very abstracted art-deco style, usually with just two colors (plus black and white). The Dionysus poster was purple and green and showed him eating grapes (held above his mouth, if memory serves). The Demeter poster was a sort of maize-tan color, and she had really big hair. The Bellerophon one showed him dumping the lead into the Chimera’s open mouth.

Anyway, I’ve spent over an hour trying to find them on the ‘net, to no avail. Does anyone else remember these posters? And does anyone know where I can find some?

Any hints or clues are welcome. Many thanks in advance.

(Oh, and so people will have something to argue about: Resolved, that teaching Greek Mythology in some exacting detail is an absolute requirement for any elementary school curriculum which purports to prepare its students for any sort of more advanced literary or academic endeavors.)


  1. I don’t know if it should be required, but would be preferred. I know I learned Greek and Roman mythology at a very young age, and have been shocked more than once about how little some of my adult friends know about them.

  2. cranberry says:

    Rick Riordan’s books (_The Lightning Thief_, and other series) are a good way to introduce young teens to the myths. And there’s always _D’aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths_.

  3. I had a series of mythology posters and the same drawings in coloring book form; they were form the Perfection Form Company.

  4. You mean those racist, misogynist, gender-normative tales made up by Dead White Guys? I think not, sir!