College for more — since 1940


This MetricMaps GIF shows how college attainment has spread. In 1940, no more than 7 percent of adults in any state had a bachelor’s degree, notes Vox. That rose to 10 percent by 1960. Fifty years later, the best-educated states are nearing 40 percent.

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  1. I believe you mean best credentialed vice best educated. The link between college attainment and education is becoming evermore tenuous.

  2. I’ve seen estimates of the average IQ of Massuchusets as 103. That would make the 60th percentile in Massuchusetts about 107. I think in general college enrollment is pretty much maxing out without really degrading the educational level of a college degree. Some of the high IQ western states like Montana probably still could raise the percentage of their populattion going to college if it made economic sense.

  3. Even in Montana with a estimated average IQ of 102 and college enrollment of 28% they’re basically at peak college.