18% of teachers are minorities

Eighteen percent of public school teachers — and 42 percent of students —  are racial or ethnic minorities, reports Harper‘s Index.

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  1. Jerry Doctor says:


    Unless you believe students can only learn from teachers that “look like them,” what difference does it make. Even then, are you saying white students shouldn’t have black teachers? Or is the point that we need more minority teachers? In which case are you suggesting we fire white teachers to lower their percentage? Or are we just going to have a massive hiring of minority teachers that enrollment numbers don’t justify?

    Are you going to take “the long view” and eventually get the proper percentage of minority teachers by giving preference to them in hiring new teachers? How does that work out with the trend to holding teachers more accountable for students’ level of success when you pick teachers by race rather than ability?

    How about we decide that the job of a school is to educate students and not to solve all of society’s problems?

    • Won’t it sort of take care of itself as the overall populations ages and the 42% minority students eventually enter the job force and make up a significant number of applicants? Or are there a bunch of white private school kids who will grow up to compete for public school teaching jobs?

      • Sorry to double post, but does anyone have an demographic chart that shows the overall population by race and age and the public school population by race and age?

      • Jerry Doctor says:

        Of course that assumes they enter the job market. Now that Obamacare has freed them from job lock…

    • SC Math Teacher says:

      “How about we decide that the job of a school is to educate students and not to solve all of society’s problems?”

      Tell that to the ed schools. Check out their mission statements and the like. So-called social justice is apparently part of my job.

  2. Thinly Veiled Anonymity says:

    The NEA is obviously a racist institution and needs to be subject to a consent decree.

  3. That statistic says very little, by itself.

    MOST of the minority teachers are from middle to upper-middle class backgrounds. They have little in common, other than skin color, with their minority students.

    A substantial number of inner-city WHITE teachers came from the hood, themselves (including me – I was in the projects until age 7, and then moved to the low-rent district when they tore the projects down). That’s not an uncommon background for teachers.