Unsafe at any SPF

In Texas, which gets hot, a San Antonio school district won’t let students bring sunscreen on a field trip because it’s “toxic.” Also it’s a “medication” that requires a doctor’s prescription.

“We have to look at the safety of all of our students and we can’t allow children to share sunscreen,” said Aubrey Chancellor, a spokeswoman for the North East Independent School District. “They could possibly have an allergic reaction (or) they could ingest it. It’s really a dangerous situation.”

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  1. SC Math Teacher says:

    Perhaps I should pour my whiteboard cleaner down the drain lest a misguided youth drink it.

    • Jerry Doctor says:

      Actually, there is a very good chance that would violate EPA regulations.

      For example, I decide that maybe drinking rum at school is not a good idea. I take the bottle of 151 out of my desk and pour it down the drain in the bathroom. I have just broken an EPA regulation and exposed my school to a major fine. I should have diluted the rum before pouring it down the drain.

  2. Stacy in NJ says:

    Public education is child abuse.

  3. That’s crazy.

  4. Jerry Doctor says:

    I greet every public school announcement with hope and anticipation. I always assume that this latest policy can’t possibly be as dumb as the last one. I am forced to admit my inability to learn shows I’m pretty dumb myself.

  5. My oldest son gets a horrid raised measle-y looking rash with sunscreen. Only certain kinds. There really is a brand difference.

    Even so, I don’t see why children couldn’t bring a bottle of sunscreen to school with their tissues and pencils and all the other stuff they are required to turn in at the beginning of the year. Parents can release the school of liability just as they do with Tylenol if it is administered by the school nurse.

    I would opt out. But wow. WHY have a hissy about these things when the consequences of NOT wearing sunscreen are so great?

    • We also stick with certain brands for similar reasons. But the solution to that is for families to send the correct kind of sunscreen with their kids, not to ban sunscreen altogether! Something like that could put my luminescent little redhead in bed for days. Every summer I want to just put her in a vat of sunscreen, like sheep dip.

  6. This guy should be sued. My family inherited the pale Celtic skin – and sunburns are dangerous. Not just – Oh, you might get skin cancer later in life dangerous.

    The extremely fair-skinned (we use Caspar-the-Ghost SPF) can DIE from sunburn.

  7. Wonder how many nurses the district keeps to supervise this ‘medication’?

  8. Allegedly, only one school in the district had this idiot “rule” in place. If I were the kid’s parent, I’d be raising holy hell about this – bad sunburns in childhood are a risk factor for skin cancer down the line, quite apart from the pain they cause at the time.

  9. I guess when you become a(n) administrator, they require you to remove what brains you have left. The school district should be sued to the hilt if the kid develops skin cancer. Sometimes the only way to stop stupidity is to sue the district into bankruptcy 🙂

  10. Richard Aubrey says:

    Wonder how many teachers had sunblock that day?
    Or administrators, forsooth?

  11. They don’t seem to do that well with bureaucracy either.