High school memories — with duct tape

Duct tape is good for everything — including censoring yearbook quotes. A Tucson high school ordered yearbook staffers to cover “racist and unacceptable” student quotes with duct tape.

Sabino High officials concealed 10 comments in the $75 yearbook. In one duct-taped quote, a senior said she was “drunk on you and high on summer time.”

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  1. Ruth Joy says:

    Wait, I thought proofreading was invented before duct tape.

  2. And the female senior is a fan of classic rock.

    (Did they duct tape the quotation marks?)

    Or did nobody realize she was quoting lyrics?

    • Jerry Doctor says:

      Hey! She said drunk! She said high! That MUST be concealed from view. Tape it over. And when you’re done there, here’s another that has to go: I sat on a HIGH stool and DRUNK my milk. You’re not going to slip that past me, kid!

      The fact is that the administrators probably wouldn’t even realize there was a problem with some of the worst quotes.

  3. Michael E. Lopez says:

    We’ll have none of those gosh-darn *metaphors* in our school, damnit. I mean, darn it.

  4. Richard Aubrey says:

    As one commenter remarked recently, he hopes he’s seen the bottom of the educrats;’ stupidity, but every day he’s disappointed.

  5. I would be curious to see where “drunk on you high on summertime” is in 10 years.

    • Michael E. Lopez says:

      One of the smartest guys in my high school class, someone who ended up being an attorney, wrote some pretty vapid crap in my yearbook.

      Teenagers write vapid crap, by and large. It’s not really a reflection on their intelligence or ability.