‘Walking school buses’ get kids moving

“Walking school buses” — kids walking home with an adult volunteer — are catching on from Iowa to Rhode Island, reports AP.

As a group of children walked home together from school in Providence, they held hands and played the “I Spy” guessing game. When they reached a busy intersection, an adult accompanying them prodded, “What’s the rule?”

“Behind the line!” they said in unison, as they stepped back from the edge of the curb and waited for the walk signal

“Walking school buses are . . . seen as a way to fight childhood obesity, improve attendance rates and ensure that kids get to school safely.”

About a third of children who live within a mile of school walk to school, according to the National Center for Safe Routes to School. Walking is increasing.

In the baby boom days, we all walked to school — without an adult — from kindergarten on. Uphill both ways, of course.


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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:

    I didn’t start walking to school till 3rd grade. As I recall the progression was:

    3rd grade: 3/4 mile walk
    4th grade: 1.1 mile bike ride
    5th/6th grade: 2.6 mile bike ride
    Jr. High: 1.8 mile walk/bike ride (I rode in but usually walked home with others)
    High School: 1.7 mile ride/run

    But I would have *died* rather than walk to school with an adult.

  2. We walked from Kinder on until we could ride a bike. Rode a bike to school every day until I got a drivers license in HS and bought my own VW beetle @17

  3. PhillipMarlowe says:

    “Uphill both ways, of course.”
    Ha, I best you.
    Not only did I walk uphill both ways, I did this while it snowed all the time.
    In Maryland.