Threats lead to backpack ban

After several bomb threats, a New York high school has banned backpacks and sealed lockers. For the last two weeks of the school year, students at Wantagh High School will “carry their books and belongings in plastic bags, sign in and out to use the bathroom and submit to searches when entering the building,” reports Fox News.

One message on a restroom wall said: “Blowing The Skool [sic] up today no joke I’ve had it.”

More schools nationwide are banning backpacks and removing lockers in hopes of controlling drug and weapons.

“If a school is doing this in response to some sort of threat, it’s just window dressing to create a visual cue that there is a perception of increased safety,” said Ken Trump, a school safety and security expert. “It’s something that makes people feel safe, but it actually doesn’t make them safer.”

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  1. Security pigs without enough real work to do.

  2. GEORGE LARSON says:

    The old model for a school was the factory. The new model for school is prison.