Colleges rattled by Obama’s rating plans

President Obama’s college rating proposal has “rattled” college presidents, who fear it will be simplistic and misleading. It didn’t help when a top education official said it would be “like rating a blender.”

Obama wants Congress to link student loans and grants to college ratings, which will be based on graduation rates, student debt, graduates’ earnings and other factors. Highly selective universities are likely to do very well, but most students can go to college only if they can afford a not-very-selective or open-admissions college or university.

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  1. From what I understand, colleges also hate the U.S. News college rating issue only slightly less then they hate not having a good rating.

    A good reason for colleges to be concerned about a federal government rating scheme is that, unlike the U.S. News rating system, if the government system’s inaccurate or politically-driven to the point its considered worthless that won’t have any impact on the agency doing the rating.