The Address

At a private school in Vermont for boys with learning disabilities, students are challenged to memorize and recite Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, reports a Ken Burns documentary.

Teachers, language specialists, speech pathologists and therapists work with the boys, often one on one. Greenwood’s tuition for day students is $53,475, notes Linda Holmes on an NPR blog. For boarding students, it’s $68,890. “The chilling part of the film is to think about how many kids would benefit from, but don’t get, this kind of attention.”

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  1. Personalized attention comes at a huge cost. Of course only wealthy people (or homeschoolers) can afford to provide it to their children.

  2. Small group instruction in the zpd at public school can work very well.

    And music lessons aren’t that expensive…the barrier here is the parents providing the $10 book and the space/time for the kid to practice. The school district will supply instruments and lessons.

    • Small groups are great, but then you run into demonization of it as tracking and accusations of not caring about social justice. Sigh.