Puberty — in 1955

Remember movies in Health class? (I always thought it should be called Vice.) A 1955 movie teaches teens about puberty.

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  1. What a timely post. My last assignment was to show a the video on the topic and answer questions. Of course the “updated” video wasn’t as complete as the one you found.

  2. palisadesk says:

    All I see is a black box with no active links or anything to click on to make the video come up. Was it deleted?

    • It works for me.

      • palisadesk says:

        Seems to be a browser-related issue. Comes up blank on Chrome, works fine on IE, and Torch is really weird — doesn’t show any of your posts after the Carnival of Homeschooling.

        Gotta love the mysteries of technology.

        As for the content, yikes — should have been taught well before the teen years. This was before my time, but we learned this stuff in fifth grade Health class, when our universal reaction was, Yuk.

        • If you’re not allowing Javascript from you won’t see the video.

          • palisadesk says:

            That’s not it, so the mystery remains, as does the mystery as to why Torch suppressed 2 days’ worth of Joanne’s posts. They’re back now.

  3. You have to use your imagination!