Duncan twists truth to hit for-profit colleges

Seventy-two percent of for-profit colleges’ career programs “produce graduates who on average earned less than high school dropouts,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan at a White House news conference. That earned
two “Pinocchios” for lying from the Washington Post’s fact-checker. Essentially, Duncan compares apples to oranges — with a few lemons thrown in — to make for-profit colleges look bad.

Here’s why career-minded students choose for-profit colleges over much cheaper community colleges.

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  1. Google Chrome says:

    Arne Duncan and the DOE have no integrity. They “assumed” a 100% employment rate with no gaps in income for high school dropouts when they know full well that this population has the highest unemployment rate of approximately 15%. Further, they purposely did not factor in the other 20% of high school dropouts that voluntarily choose not to work (live with parents, stay at home mom, etc.). In contrast, they included all of the voluntary and involuntary unemployed individuals in the for-profit group when calculating annual earnings. This wouldn’t pass muster in an introductory middle school statistics course. They defended this failed and deceitful methodology by claiming that it was meant to be an apples to oranges comparison even though they presented it as an apples to apples comparison. It is time for someone with some shred of ethics and integrity to replace Duncan. This type of behavior is like a racist cop planting evidence. The only difference is that this is institutional racism. Shame on you Duncan and the DOE – you should hold yourself to a higher standard.