Core problem: Mom can’t help with homework

“Beyond the emotional arguments, the philosophical arguments, and the crazy arguments — there are a lot of crazy arguments against Common Core — there is a very practical argument” that supporters can’t answer, writes Erick Erickson on RedState:  Moms (and Dads) cannot help their children with math homework.

The math does not make sense to the children or the parents, he writes. “Kids are taught multiple ways to add totals together, must still add the totals correctly, but then must explain their answers — often having to write essays for math problems.”

Common Core will be “the under the radar, sleeper issue of campaign 2014,” he predicts. People are very, very frustrated.

But who will they blame?

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  1. Thinly Veiled Anonymity says:

    Those pesky parents… always introducing social, cultural, and economic inequalities!

  2. As I’ve said before, it all goes back to the “Let No Child Get Ahead” mindset. When the state testing (and SAT) requires these same kinds of silly games, as opposed to actually doing real math, the circle will be complete; no one soars.

  3. I see this with my niece in 2nd grade, as her math is much the same, and the only time I explained my answers in math in K-12 was when I was taking geometry and having to do proofs (which are NOTHING like the stuff I see on math problems today).

    I’m afraid that without serious correction in the way this nation teaches math, reading, and writing, we will become a nation of illiterates