ACT: 10% of blacks are ready for college

Most black high school graduates aren’t prepared to succeed in college, according to an ACT study.

Only 10 percent of African-Americans met at least three of the ACT’s four College Readiness Benchmarks in 2013, compared to 39 percent of all graduates who took the test.

Sixty-two percent of African-Americans who started college in 2011 made it to their second year, compared to 73 percent of all  ACT-tested 2011 graduates.

Blacks were somewhat less likely to take a college-prep core curriculum in high school. “While 81 percent of Asian-American students and 71 percent of white students had access to a full range of math and sciences courses, only 57 percent of African American students had full access,” observes Ed Week‘s CollegeBound.

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  1. I would guess that “college ready” correseponds to about an IQ level of 110. About 5% of the US black population would be above this level as compared to about 25% of the general population. Presumably the population of high school graduates who took the test average some what above average in IQ. The results do no seem terribly surprising.

  2. Another case where a students GPA doesn’t match their ACT or SAT scores (i.e. – the student has been advanced through social promotion, or a bunch of people telling him or her how well they are doing, when in reality, they’re not doing well at all).


  3. tim-10-ber – Average IQ of US blacks is about 85 and with a standard deviation of 15 and a normal distribution the 95th percentile would be about 110. For the general population with an average of 100 and the same standard deviation 110 would be about the 75th percentile. According to Greg Cochran the standard deviation for US blacks may be somewhat lower than for the general population so the 5% estimate may err somewhat on the high side.